Friday, January 29, 2010

snuggies, a poem

We fell asleep in our snuggies
And when I woke up next to you
I went right back to sleep
And when you woke up next to me
You went right back to sleep
And we proceeded like that
Until well into the afternoon
And we were both so hungry we had to force ourselves off the futon
And into the café
Where we shared a turkey sandwich
With avocado and cheese and sprouts and tomatoes
And you took the tomatoes off your sandwich
And I asked you
Why you didn’t tell me that you didn’t like tomatoes
And you told me that you knew I liked them
And I felt warm like I was still wearing my snuggie
And your feet played with mine under the table
And we went back to the futon
To do it all again
The movie, the wine, the rain, the coziness
The very best weekend


  1. this one is from friday and today is monday, am I right???

  2. you are right... I have been on a brief haitus, but I am back!