Sunday, January 24, 2010

free fun

Who says you can't have fun for free?
No job- no problem!
I have found a plethora of ways to entertain myself without spending a dime.
And, I shall share them with you, dear reader. The following have been tested for quality assurance purposes.

Free Fun Top Five:

-play 'airplane' (person A lays on back and presses feet to stomach of person B, person A then lifts person B off the ground by holding hands and person B maintains balance while making whoosing airplane sounds)
-look up beloved 90's songs on youtube and sing them loudly in the middle of the night on your friend's patio
-revisit your diary from 1994, have a friend read aloud the most embarrassing entries
-get caught in the rain while running errands
-attend a Pajama Jam and tote your snuggie and giant stuffed bear on muni and bart

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  1. daily dose of J with my morning coffee... a free fun