Saturday, January 23, 2010


? Where does neurosis come from, and how can I send it back

? What kind of information does the dog get when he sniffs me

? Why do passion and misery always pair up like best friends choosing lab partners, the peanut butter to the others’ jelly

? Who tells the sun when it is time to put away her toys for the night
? What’s the sun’s motivation for getting up so early
? Does the sun have OCD
? When is the sun’s birthday
? Where would the sun like to go on vacation

? What kind of damage does it do to feed a chicken chicken

? How much do our former lives affect our current one

? Nature vs. Nurture: an itemized list please

? Is my life like The Truman Show

? How big is the world’s largest dust bunny

? Is there such a thing as a medium-speed chase

? What is it that the “I’s” have

? When sheep have trouble getting to sleep, do they count humans

? Why are white grapes green

? Does your eye always think, “It’s all about me”

? Where is snow stored

? Does the worm, after being cut into multiple pieces, recognize its other bodies as being parts of what once was a whole

? Are you listening

? What am I supposed to do now

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