Sunday, January 10, 2010

alliteration anyone?

Today, evidently, is the 9th Annual 'No Pants' Subway Ride. Lots of pantsless people riding public transporation. Somebody told me they were protesting something. Pants perhaps?

Pantsless protesters primarily party in public places

Penetrating pistols of plump purple parade perspectives

Devastatingly difficult dungeon doors demand definite dissection during daylight

Lastly litters lacking lines linger, loving luscious lollipops left loitering

Imaginary igloos encase irises including intriguing initials

Slippery spokes saunter speechless shadows symmetrically stacked somewhere

Life-like lemonade laughs loudly, leaking luminous lacerations lovingly

Crimson cartilage cascades coolly, climbing curvatious corners correctly

Primal pottery pieces peruse pink pacifiers politely

Tropical tuna torpedoes toward tenuous tanners

Pasta-preparing parents portion perfectly produced penne pesto

Autumn air accelerates actively allowing awesome adventures

Restful raccoons ring rivers, relentlessly responding to reacting roamers

California clouds count crows, consume concerns, consider currency, catch capsulated cries, create consciousness

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