Thursday, January 14, 2010

unemployment and the city

It's so funny going on these job interviews, trying to figure out what another person wants to hear from me. I've been told it's important to use the word "passion" during an interview, but equally important to put it in the right place. "I am passionate about maintaining the appearance of the menus" does not seem quite right.

Well, life without a job has been pretty rough for me thus far. Let's see, activities I have participated in while unemployed: numerous sleepovers and "girls' nights," happy hours, movie marathons, yummy food and drinks, the spa, game nights, visiting Petaluma, hiking, bowling, catching up on TV, sleeping in, writing, reading, picnicking in the park, watching the boats by the Ferry Terminal...

I'm not even counting my amazing trip to Mexico and spending Christmas with my family in Maryland for the first time in three years.

Like I said, it's really been rough.

So, yeah, I'm pretty lucky. I have incredible friends and family, and I live in the most wonderful city imaginable! I'm ready, though, to rejoin the laborers and make some money! I am passionate about being me and doing my thing.

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