Thursday, February 11, 2010


I'm tired and I'm happy. I'm working and writing. I'm geeking out to board games and putting stuff on the calendar and trying to get organized and wearing my coat in bed cause it's really freakin' cold. I'm motivated and affirmed. I'm contemplating the idea of timing. I'm believing and I'm sprinkling magic dust and waiting expectantly and watching the particles disappear into the air and wondering how they'll reemerge. I'm singing partial songs with skewed lyrics in my head and trying to narrow my scope. I'm trying to massage my shoulders with my brain. I'm rewarding myself for working hard by reserving pages in my journal for doodle frenzies. I'm thinking about growing out my hair. I'm revisiting past work and typing up my pieces and feeling good. I'm trying to zero in, identify patterns, set myself up to keep moving forward.


  1. wow!!! so much happiness in these words :-)

  2. I'm feeling really good. Thanks so much for your kind words.