Sunday, February 21, 2010

beautiful places

Paris is:
-cheese and perfume in the air
-espresso and wine and tartare at a brasserie
-enjoying a croissant on a bench at the gardens
-a leisurely stroll down the Seine
-midnight picnics at the Eiffel Tower
-architecture, flowers, history
-street crepes
-the perfect souffle
-creme caramel, chocolate mousse, panna cotta, unearthly pastries

Puerto Vallarta is:
-that chocolate-covered, caramel-covered apple from the chocolate shop
-go-go boys and questionable photos
-shots of Corralejo, Cazadores on the rocks, Cajeta by the spoonful
-Ana’s guacamole
-parrots, pesos, pina coladas
-views, water, light
-drag shows, dancing
-being asked if you want to buy a hat when you are already wearing one
-Coronas on the beach, lots of lime
-sunscreen, sunglasses, sun
-seeing a turtle swimming in the Pacific while parasailing
-zip-lining through the jungle
-La Noche
-music videos in Espanol

San Francisco is:
-houses on hills
-puppies in the park
-wine on rooftops
-the bridge and the bay and the boats and the fog
-sitting at the top of Dolores Park watching downtown turn into a series of sparkles
-friends, such amazing friends
-celebratory and surprising

1 comment:

  1. I love how I can feel, smell and taste these beautiful places through your words....
    Paris feels especially tasty,
    Puerto Vallarta fun and crazy....
    and San Francisco...feels like home...