Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Life is a perpetual puzzle, and we are constantly trying on different pieces. Some we can tell right away won't work, others look promising until we have more context and the evidence convinces us otherwise. A close fit will do for a little while, but eventually we’ll need the right piece. The only one that will work in the situation, that will connect everything together, and make these parts into a whole.

Is this really a metaphor for life? There’s no way to be sure. Are there really rights and wrongs in terms of the people and things and decisions in our lives? Won't we never get anywhere without trying on many different outfits, jobs, partners, cities, friends, approaches- puzzle pieces? Is it fair to judge them, to say yes or no about something that served us if only for a while? I don’t know that I believe in this ‘perfect fit.’ I don’t know that I don’t either.

Like, these sayings: everything happens for a reason; it's not a mistake if you learn from it; the right thing at the wrong time is not the right thing, etc. Are we predestined to do what we do, lead the lives we lead, become the people we are, and then change and become different in subtle or not-so-subtle ways? And if our paths are predetermined, to what degree? Was I predetermined to move to San Francisco? to meet the specific set of people that have become my SF family? to drink mango juice a few moments ago? to blog about these thoughts at this moment?

And if we are not predetermined, then wow! All of these conscious and unconscious forces guided us to make all these decisions, that are not necessarily bad or good, they just are, and they have led us to where we are right now, and they are within us and correspond directly and indirectly with how we feel about ourselves and the things that are going on around us. I imagine, like many things, there is some truth to all schools of thought, and perhaps there is a combination of all of these ideas and more that go into the components of a life.

I respect that people have varied opinions and are willing to share them, and I love to hear lots of different perspectives.
But, I'm not asking for answers here.
I’m just wondering. Just thinking out loud in print.

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