Thursday, February 4, 2010

drive, a poem

Do you remember that time
we went to that reunion concert
with all of those baby boomers
and they sang that song that repeats
“a little mascara”
I can’t remember now
the name of the band
or the song
but I'm sure I can google it
and we got lost
getting out of the city
because we couldn’t go the way we came
since there were so many one-ways
and it was raining
and the umbrella song came on the radio
and we sang so loud
and we drove around Dupont Circle
for over an hour
and we didn’t care at all
and we compared this concert
to the one we had just seen a week ago
in Baltimore
and we talked about the phone call
you promised to make when you got home
and we talked about being “aware”
and “enlightened”
and about the red dress the girl who went up on stage was wearing
and how it fit her perfectly
and her hair was perfect
but how dippy she looked in the face
and when we finally found the tollbooth
it had stopped raining
and we listened to every sound there was for the rest of the ride home

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