Friday, February 5, 2010

half full

Yesterday, I worked with my creative partner in crime to complete a new phase in our collaborative process, and I feel really excited and proud about our accomplishment. We have been writing together for only four months, and we now have an awesome manuscript. I am thinking back to when this project was just a casual conversation, and I am amazed at how we have turned it into something really spectacular. I feel truly inspired to continue working and making steady progress on this and other stories I want to tell.

I just want to say that I often spend time thinking of how much more there is to do, but I want to take a minute to consider how far I've come and relish in that. I want to see my manuscript as half full, not half empty.

So to all you writers, artists, and other creative folk, please keep writing, photographing, painting, doing what you do. You are building an arsenal of exquisite work. You inspire me!

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